Katherine and Shaan – The Trans-Atlantic wedding that finished of in Hatfield House

Katy and Shaan definitely know how to party and celebrate their love.

Shaan who is originally from Hertfordshire moved over to California to study a few years ago. That’s when he met Katherine and they fell truly madly deeply in love with each other. Well I’m sure that there was more to it but for the purposes of my wedding photography blog, we’ll leave it at that 😉

They both got married in California and decided to come back to the UK for their Wedding reception.

They decided upon the Historic and once regal venue of Hatfield house for their Wedding reception. This is a venue that I’ve photographed a few times and I always love the mix of old English tapestries with dj’s and packed dance floors.. it’s a great mix!


The ceremony started with each side welcoming the other.. it’s a lovely way for everyone to get mingling. Plus they get to wear a flower garland!

But the true stars of the show were Katherine and Shaan. They looked amazing in their Traditional Indian /Punjabi outfits. Katherine who wasn’t used to wearing so much “bling” looked beautiful and in my opinion wore it superbly. asian-indian-sikh-wedding-photography-by-sonya-harrap-london-hertfordshire-hatfield-house-9466asian-indian-sikh-wedding-photography-by-sonya-harrap-london-hertfordshire-hatfield-house-9450

Sikh wedding photograph. Wedding photography at Hatfield house hertfordshire.

Sikh wedding photograph. Wedding photography at Hatfield house hertfordshire.

I was also lucky enough to get to have some of their great good at the wedding. I don’t expect food at a wedding but truth be known, it is nice to have a little break as being a wedding photographer I am on my feet for the majority of the day. I won’t show you any photos of the food but just to let you know that it was delicious!

After the food.. came the party and these guys can party.. HARD!

The doll players (big drums played super fast) were out of this world. I’ve heard a lot of Dholl players in my lifetime but these guys were just crazy fast. They created an amazing atmosphere for the guests when they were on the dance floor and everyone for the young to the old got on it.

A fantastic wedding and wish Katy and Shaan a fantastic life together.

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